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We redid our kitchen August 2014 and chose Wolf because of price and we liked the look of the sample cabinet in the showroom. They seemed well made, but now somewhat skeptical after reading the reviews here.

I hope they hold up. Our designer at Fairview Millwork & Kitchen in Amherst, NH took our design from another kitchen designer and plugged in the cabinet sizes. Little did we know until after the install, that the cabinets over the sink/window are too short (18"). They are installed to the ceiling with crown molding and they are too high except for really tall people.

You have to step on a stool to reach them comfortably. Seems Wolf does not make a 24" tall wall cabinet, which would have been easier to reach at least the lower shelf. That's what we previously had. Our designer Shelby should have caught that.

The finish on the doors seems just OK. Some doors have rough spots from the grain of the maple. The wall cabinets are also only 12" deep. Dinner plates just fit.

We had IKEA cabinets before and they were 15" deep. So much more room with 15". Wolf does not offer them. We lost atleast 20% storage capacity.

In hindsight, i would have chosen a cabinet manufacturer with more options and better reviews.

Only stumbled on this site because i wanted to write a review somewhere about the cabinets. Would not choose again or recommend.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Dearborn, Michigan, United States #1197403

Sellers and installers are hardly objective when it comes to these cabinets. They are a very cheap pressboard with cheap hardware and really are ***.

For the price is another way of acknowledging the fact they are garbage. The biggest question is, would you, Mr. Seller & Mr.

Installer put this kind of *** in your home?

to Gt #1283946

First, Wolf Classic is NOT press board, it is an all plywood or solid wood construction. It is a very good cabinet for the price.

My company sells a lot of it simply because of the combination of the upgraded construction and price point. Are there problems sometimes? Of course! I have never met a cabinet line that does not have occasional finish or damage issues.

Does that make it *** cabinetry? Absolutely not!


I sell these cabinets and they are great especially for the price. Your issue is with the design not the company that made the cabinets.


I've installed Wolf cabinets and found them very nice for the price. If the finish isn't right in some places, your vendor should replace them from Wolf.

I've had problems once in a while but it's always been taken care of.

I agree with another comment that the problem seems more to do with your vendor.


this is a *** review. the issue isn't with the cabinet it is the people you bought from.

Wolf does have a 24" cabinet despite what your salesman is telling you.

standard cabinet depth for wall cabinets is 12".

IKEA (stuff you have to put together) MAY come in a deeper cabinet, but these are also METRIC. we have built homes and used IKEA and I can say they are garbage.


my kitchen has 12" wall cab's also; wasn't aware that 15" is available. May look for them on our remodel. Your designer seems to blame for all you problems.


Looks like you got what you paid for. These are less expensive cabinets and is a great cabinet for the money.

It's not wolf's fault that you don't like how far you have to reach for your cabinet. Your designer should have caught that for you or you should have gotten more involved in the design process. Also, the 12" depth is the standard depth for a cabinet in the USA. If you go to Europe, you will see much more 15" deep cabinets.

Hence the Ikea design. Again, Wolf builds their cabinets in Indiana, they're not building european cabinets. They're building the industry standard. As far as the rough finish on some spots on the outside of the cabinets, you're paying for a less expensive cabinet.

They're not going to be perfect. The solid wood cabinets that wolf makes are much better than the particle board cabinets from Ikea.


sorry to say you bought among the cheapest American cabinets made. I dont knowif you wanted that but this is bottom of the line stock cabinets with no ability to customize

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