They first sent the wrong finish, and we said OK fine. Upon opening the boxes they were already beginning to fall apart.

The stile was not even connected on one side. The are poorly constructed and use almost no glue in the joints. They flex out of square when you just lift one up and to doors had very rough finishes which look like finished that don't match. The hangers were all over the place so you couldn't even mount properly.

They won't take them back unless we pay a $1,300 restocking fee. They have a crappy product and equally crappy costumer service. I have had no kitchen for over 2 weeks thanks to them.

I am still fighting with them for money back. Don't deal with these cheapskates!!!

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We have ordered a island cabinet we were promised to have it delivered within a week ....it took two weeks when they finally came they were damaged...i mean how *** can u be to package them in hard cardboard and have it rub o the wood and make scratches...the drawer had a huge dent and the delivery guy said we can touch it up.....no!!!!! I paid for product and expect it in good shape....we send the cabinets back a week and half later again we get another set damaged again!!!

There were holes everywhere from the nails and chipped on sides the door edges were filed down to light wood....you call this quality product?! The biggest problem is we bought the house with these cabinets so we wanted to match the island but right now i dont know if its worth it !


You actually had glue on yours....I have never seen glue on these cheaply built cabinets. I am a contractor and have used these repeatedly for investors only because the materials are actually good.

People who buy see solid wood panels and have no idea how horrible the workmanship is. Every shipment I have received has had a problem.

I have never seen a cabinet company not glue their cabinets until I used Wolf products. I would highly recommend everyone using anything but Wolf.

Shrewsbury, New Jersey, United States #687943

I sell Wolf Cabinets. They are all wood, constructed well and made in the USA.

Wolf Cabinets are sold through dealerships.

If this story is true, the problem is with the dealership, not Wolf. I have had very few problems with Wolf.

Easton, Maryland, United States #676326

OK, here is my experience with the company product. I just had a home built on the eastern shore in March of 2012 and the home builder offered the Wolf cabinet line.

We chose a $3000 upgrade to one of the top of the line cabinets. Upon moving in we noticed that the cabinets were NOT of a top grade offering in fit & finish. We do have a 5 year warranty & we were reassured by the company that they would be corrected. 21 cabinet doors & drawer fronts needed to be replaced because of either cracks in the door fronts, corners separating & unfinished surfaces where the wood was actually showing thru the finish.

A rep.

of the Co. that installed the cabinets came out in May, took an inventory of the items that needed to be replaced went back and ordered the replacements. In June he returned with the ONE door that Wolf sent. We waited until Sept.

and came to find out that our rep quit and all of our info. was lost (no fault of Wolf) Near the end of the year with upcoming vac. & Holidays we decided to wait until after after the first of the year to continue with the replacements. In March after several e-mails & calls to the install company they had a rep from the Wolf company itself to come out and access the replacements.

He agreed with our request to have them replaced & also stated that even though these were the TOP OF THE LINE CABINENTS the company still had QUALITY CONTROL PROBLEMS THAT THEY WERE WORKING ON. It's now May & the replacements finally came in. The installers came out and 7 of the replacements still had the same issues. So here we are in July , the installers are coming today with the 7 replacements so I wonder how many of these will need to be replaced.

Also, in the meantime one of the large kitchen drawers fell off of it's tracks in, landed on the cabinet drawers below it and chipped it. I will have the installer place the screw that is missing that holds the track on. He has a touch up kit and I hope he can fix it.

I also wanted to mention if you purchase Wolf cabinets please also check the wood frame that surrounds the cabinets as well, I had one that was cracked but I was personally able to fix it with my touch up kit. I hope this helps with your choice of cabinets.

to JN Brentwood, New York, United States #1001724

Who was the dealer that you purchased the cabinets from?


If the color was wrong, you need to blame the retail company you bought them from and not the manufacturer. I can guarantee you that who ever you bought them from got an acknowlegment and should have checked that.

Also you must be aware of the product you are buying. There is a reason that these cabinets are approx 20-30% less than other lines. The construction is sound, again...how were they handled? Actually for the cost I dont know of any other line who offers plywood construction w/ soft close features.

The only issue with the line is that in order to keep the price down and economical they do not use the same 6 process finish many companies use. If they did the cost would be right up there with other lines. I am sorry you had such a bad experience, but it is up to the retailers to educate the consumers on the product. The line is a good option for people who simply can't afford to spend a ton on a new kitchen. I can also tell you that if the cabinets came the wrong color there would be no restock fee, and if they were damaged the exchange is also free. If a customer changes their mind they will be hit with a 25%, which is for trucking, inspection and restocking.

Again I am sorry that this happened to you, but the cabinet line has a place in the Marketplace, and it sounds like part of the issue was definately the retailer. We sell this line as well as very popular brand names and custom, and take a lot of time to explain and educate so people arent disappointed.

to Kitchen girl Brentwood, New York, United States #1001725

Who was the dealer?


Sounds like to me you should have returned them as soon as you realised you received the wrong color. But you didn,t you received them as is, apparently before opening and or inspecting .

Shame on you! As for the restocking fee I'm sure if you had read the purchase agreement you would have known that, upon receiving them (which you did when you accepted the wrong color).

You don't have a kitchen for two weeks because of the poor decisions you made, no fault of the manufacture. :cry

to Rodney #1001727

Rod works at Wolf

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